UCN Jumpscare Simulator

Game aliases:  FNAF  horror scary freddy 

UCN Jumpscare Simulator description

Those who have played the FNAF series know how unsettling it may be when an animatronic character emerges from hiding. When something like that happens, you might freeze or, on the other hand, act in a panicked way. You've already sealed your own fate. Can one fortify themselves against such unsettling surprises in any way? There is, in fact! In UCN Jumpscare Simulator, you can find out exactly how different animatronics will scare you.

How to play

You only have a limited amount of time to click on the mannequin in the online game UCN Jumpscare Simulator, based on the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, before the game ends and you will lose. You can also pick from a huge number of FNAF characters and watch how they react. Golden Freddy, Fazbear, Freddy Whitered Bonnie, Springtrap, Plushtrap, Bonnie, Mangie, Chica, Foxy, Phone Guy, Balloon Boy, the Puppet, Jay-Jay, and Shadow Bonnie are just some of the many characters that will make an appearance in the game. Have fun and enjoy playing this game.

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