Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine

Game aliases:  ADVENTURE FNAF  minecraft horror 

Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine description

Welcome to Noob: Five Nights with Herobrine, where you've got to help Noob survive 5 Nights at Herobrine's. Here's another Noob game, but this time featuring the popular FNAF universe. Will you be able to help Nubic make it to the next day while you carefully run the security cameras?

How to play

You will test your patience and resistance to fear as you carefully monitor the rooms of an abandoned building on your first night working as a security guard. Move around and interact with your mouse; when the monster appears, focus the camera on Herobrine. You don't want to get caught by him, or else you'll lose. You will have to continue this bravery for 5 nights straight! Using a tablet or camera will also drain their batteries because they are both electronic devices. Make sure you monitor the power supply at all times. Good luck and have fun.

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