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Happy Wheels is a driving, action, and obstacle-overcoming game that is becoming more and more popular with billions of players across the world. In this fun game, your character is sure to get injured, with a broken leg or arm... on the arduous journey to win. Happy Wheels is based on ragdoll physics. You will have to drive through hazardous terrain and find your way to the finish line at all costs, including serious injury. Driving is not easy! At each stage, you need to choose the right character. This bloody game looks very simple but is extremely thrilling and special. You will not stop laughing while playing this game.

Start with a wheelchair, overcome a lot of stairs, and try not to fall! It sounds very simple, but actually a lot of players have had to give up right from the beginning. Your head can completely hit the obstacle. Your helmet will fall off and so will you! Every time you are injured, blood will flow out. The more you are injured, the more difficult the game is if you try to continue to overcome it. The character change corresponds to the level of challenge.

Your mission is to control these characters to reach the finish line, getting hurt as little as possible. You can also use the extensive level editor to create and share your own custom scenarios. Play some of the over 10 million existing fan made levels, or try some of the featured levels—the best levels in the game! If you are adventurous and want to face the harshest challenges, then Happy Wheels is definitely a game for you. Will you be able to accomplish the goals without bleeding?


  • More than 60 crazy and challenging levels
  • Customizable levels in the editor
  • Challenging obstacles: spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and more
  • Realistic physics with smooth graphics design


Happy Wheels was created by independent game developer Jim Bonnaci and launched in June of 2010.


What is the most played level on Happy Wheels?

One of the most played levels of all time is Speed Bridge.

How to fly in Happy Wheels?

The bike will start to hover in the air if you rapidly alternate between pressing the left and right arrow keys.

What happens when you complete all the levels?

If you complete all the levels in that chapter, Happy Wheels will check through all the flags and then cross off the character in that chapter.

How many Happy Wheels levels are there?

There are a total of 139 levels in the game.

Who is the fastest character in Happy Wheels?

It's Explorer Guy. He's very fast when riding on rails.


You can move forward and jump as well. You can use the arrow keys along with some other keys to move around.

  • Press arrow keys to move
  • Press space bar key to primary action (after ejecting: Grab)
  • Press Shift or Control to perform secondary actions
  • Use Z to eject

Featured levels

  • Obstacle Courses?
  • Gut Bus Extreme!
  • BMX_Park II
  • SnowyMountain*final*
  • Dawn of the Dead.lv1
  • A large Santa eats u
  • Trap Trac
  • Rope Swings


In Happy Wheels, you will choose between unique characters and their transport, to reach the finish line of each stage.

Currently Released Characters:

  • Wheelchair Guy
  • Segway Guy
  • Irresponsible Dad
  • Effective Shopper
  • Moped Couple
  • Lawnmower Man
  • Explorer Guy
  • Santa Claus
  • Pogostick Man
  • Irresponsible Mom
  • Helicopter Man


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