Momo: Horror Story

Game aliases:  ACTION  3d first person shooter escape horror momo 

Momo: Horror Story description

The first-person survival horror game, Momo: Horror Story takes place in a mansion. You might actually meet Momo the monster. After calling the police, look around for a safe place, and maybe even face Momo if you dare.

At the beginning, all you have is a flashlight. You must escape from this house before the monster finds you. It's very important to keep moving, so Momo has a harder time catching you. If you don't, she'll sneak up behind you, and the first thing the police will find is your dead body. If you live in the same house as Momo, you have to be ready to face her at any time and any place. She can start a meeting at any time, even if you are hiding in the kitchen cupboard, and she can terrify you to the point of leaving the light on while you try to escape. Have fun with Momo: Horror Story and good luck!

How to play

Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move forward in the game.
Use the mouse button to move around and attack.
To interact with things in the game, press the E button.

Tips and tricks

If you turn on the full-screen option, the game gets scarier.
If you don't feel ready to start the game, you should watch the walkthrough video to make it less shocking.

Momo: Horror Story28 votes. 4.21 / 5