Office Horror Story

Office Horror Story description

Any office worker will attest to the horrors that lurk behind closed doors. This is what you can expect from Office Horror Story 3D. You've been at the office longer than everybody else, and now you're the only one still there.

How to play

This is the scariest day you have ever had. There are just two options available to you. Either you'll live or you'll go to hell with the Chainsaw man. You can play this horror game in two different ways. The first is a "escape mode," in which you leave the office in order to save your life. This mode is like an escape room, where you have to look for items to open the gates. But you have to be very quiet. Even very quiet sounds can be heard by the Chainsaw man. Second, you can switch to "shooter mode." You no longer have to watch a scary movie to get a good scare. Stay alive and good luck.

You can move around by using W, A, S, D, the mouse to look around, the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button to aim, the mouse wheel to change weapons, G for grenades, F to pick up items, left shift to run, left CTRL to crouch, X to lay down, and space bar to jump.

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