Game aliases:  ARCADE  minecraft survival mining 

CraftMine description

Enjoy another amazing Minecraft 2D adventure with CraftMine. As you explore a desert island, you must collect various blocks to find building materials. In order to survive or craft incredible tools and equipment, you must gather all kinds of resources, like wood, stone, food, water, and gold.

How to play

Using your pickaxe, you can collect new items and make new objects like swords, hats, spikes, and more. Besides wild animals, you'll also find creepy zombie-like creatures wandering out there. Ensure that you gather as much wood and stone as possible to start building a shelter and lighting a fire to withstand the cold.

Make sure you eat enough to stay energized, drink enough water, and stay warm from the cold. Defeat all the evil creatures at CraftMine to survive the night!

CraftMine28 votes. 3.98 / 5