The Baby in Yellow

Game aliases:  ADVENTURE  3d halloween escape horror 

The Baby in Yellow description

The Baby in Yellow is a scary horror story set in a dark house. Your objective is to take care of a restless baby who wants to terrify you. Take care of the baby in a yellow t-shirt, but things will become stranger.

Be patient and finish your workday before heading home. The chore list is quite traditional—you must care for the baby in simple ways. You must feed the baby when he's hungry, play with him when he's bored or sad, and put him to bed when he's exhausted after active games. Remember to switch out the light and close the door when the baby falls asleep. Keep quiet when the baby is sleeping to let him rest. The baby's behavior improves after he gets enough sleep. This is also your chance to snooze, watch TV, and relax on the couch. Seeing him out of bed and anywhere in the house can freeze your blood and leave you paralyzed. How long will you stay in control?

The Baby in Yellow features

Realistic 3D graphics.
Feel the adrenaline while you care for a bad child.
Explore a dark house carefully without being terrified.
Do missions all night.

The Baby in Yellow16 votes. 3.91 / 5