Evil Nun Schools Out

Game aliases:  ACTION  3d escape horror room 

Evil Nun Schools Out description

Play Evil Nun Schools Out, a horrific game in which you must survive five days at a haunted school inhabited by an evil nun. For some unknown reason, you've been invited to attend a summer camp on the outskirts of town, and while there, you'll be housed in a dilapidated convent.

How to play

You thought you were in for a peaceful few days in the great outdoors, but then the nun Madeline locks you in Eagle's Junior High. Now that you're terrified, your main goal is to get out of this strange place alive while doing your best to stop her evil plan. During the course of the next five days, you must explore the house, gather supplies, and avoid being defeated by the evil nun who appears out of nowhere. Turn off the lights and turn up the volume as much as possible to get the most out of this game and feel like you're in that scary school. Will you be able to get out of there before it's too late?

Move with the W, A, S, and D keys; shoot with the mouse; use F to interact with items; R to reload; space to jump; shift to run; CTRL to crouch; X to lie down; and G to throw grenades. There is also a mode called "shooter," in which you go on the attack instead of trying to escape. You must use guns you find around the school to shoot all the demons and the nun to stay alive, instead of trying to run away.

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