Mr Meat House Of Flesh

Game aliases:  ACTION  escape horror survival 

Mr Meat House Of Flesh description

Mr Meat House Of Flesh is a terrifying 3D horror game featuring a large, creepy mansion and the ominous Mr. Meat. He's become an assassin and now lives in a frightening prison-like home. Be very careful if you try to defeat this zombie. There's a young woman you have to help. She cannot get out of this old house. You need to use different things to open the door.

How to play

Your neighbor, who used to be a butcher and was called "Mr. Meat," is now a zombie hunting for meat to devour. He wants human meat, not animal meat, and you will be his target if you find him. Use items and unlock doors to explore every crevice of this ghastly mansion, but don't let Mr. Meat catch you, or you'll be his next victim. You must also save a woman from her home. Look around for items that will help you defend yourself and slay your foes. You have only five days to complete this quest.

Move with W, A, S, and D. Use and drop items with F and G, and crouch with C. Good luck, we hope the best for you, and we hope you'll stick around to play more cool games of the day, only here.

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