Poppy Huggie Escape

Game aliases:  ARCADE  escape monster poppy playtime 

Poppy Huggie Escape description

Is there a horrible blue monster from Poppy Playtime that you still remember? He's back in this game! In Poppy Huggie Escape, you'll be trapped with the bloodthirsty beast. Your only goal now is to get out of here alive. However, there are numerous hazards and traps in the area, so you must go carefully so as not to give your opponent any openings. Be careful to collect all the keys you need to unlock all the doors.

How to play

Your objective in this platformer is to escape the creepy creature and make it out of the maze alive. To do this, there are two things you need to do. First, run over the required number of keys. The second key factor is platform running performance. Run quickly and steadily, and try not to trip or touch the spikes. You can hop over gaps and stools by pressing up. Down arrow slides under spiky tunnels. When you reach the level's final corridor, if you have collected all of the necessary keys, you will have successfully completed the level. Try to get new monsters after every level you pass. Let's see if you can get out of this situation!

Poppy Huggie Escape15 votes. 4.5 / 5