Baldi's Basics

Game aliases:  strategy escape horror survival math baldi thinking 

Baldi's Basics description

Baldi's Basics is a scary and creepy video game that is based on childhood learning games from the 1990s. Professor Baldi has set several tasks for you, and he will not let you fail. Help your character collect the seven notebooks lost by his friend while solving some math operations before Professor Baldi gets mad at you. But that looks like it would be hard to do. You'll need to remember the school plans, figure out how to use the objects you find, and persuade Baldi's friends to help you. Keep your distance from Professor Baldi at all times, or the game will end. Always be alert, and run away so you don't meet him!

Here are the two game modes in Baldi's Basics:

In Story mode, find seven notebooks and then run away from school. As time goes on, Baldi will move faster, but every time you answer a puzzle, he will slow down. As slowly as you can, collect all the notebooks.
In Endless mode, the objective is to find as many notebooks as you can without catching Baldi's attention. Solve the problems to keep Baldi's speed as low as possible and so obtain extra notebooks.

Baldis Basic Gameplay

The single-player campaign combines first-person action and puzzle elements at its core.

  • To walk and strafe, use the WASD keys.
  • Move the cursor to explore, then use the left click to interact.
  • Scroll to see the available items, then right-click to make them active.
  • Press Space to turn around, and hold Shift to run.

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