Backrooms Game

Game aliases:  ACTION  3d escape horror backrooms room 

Backrooms Game description

You're stuck in a strange dimension with seemingly infinite hallways. Do you think you'll be able to escape? Backrooms Game is a scary simulation game that is based on the stories of CreepyPasta. If you hear something strolling around, start praying it won't notice you - it's heard you.

Creepy, paranoid and thrilling!

Backrooms Game is a full-lights horror game. Developed by IEP Games, the game simulates the experience of wandering aimlessly through a seemingly never-ending series of rooms. The game is inspired on a CreepyPasta tale about no-clipping outside reality and ending up in a bizarre universe with empty doors, infinite noise, and 600,000,000 square miles of segmented empty rooms. Your goal in this game is to find your way out before you attract wandering "friends" These "friends" won't let you escape and will beg you to join them in this never-ending nightmare.

Solve puzzles and find an exit!

The game contains three modes: Classic, Deaf, and Free. In Classic Mode, you can play the game the way it was meant to be played. Using headphones is highly suggested. With Deaf Mode, you don't need headphones. This disables "Friends" behind you. In Free Mode, there are no goals or enemies, so you can freely explore the world.

Backrooms Game50 votes. 4.18 / 5