Gears of Babies

Gears of Babies description

Gears of Babies is a fun third-person shooter that gives off an aggressive vibe. Throughout the game, Nick represents all babies in America by fighting for their rights. As the babies wait around for their diapers to be changed or to be fed, they become frustrated. Thus, the baby has decided to fight on their behalf.

Explore the map with armed soldiers and search for food and diapers. Make sure everyone who tries to stop you from reaching your goal is eliminated. You can move using WASD, run using shift, aim and shoot using the mouse, and reload your weapon's ammunition by pressing R. You're ready, aren't you? Enjoy!

Game features:

  • Thrilling and intense shooter gameplay
  • An environment full of color and beauty
  • Story that is entertaining and simple
  • Performance on older PCs is good with beautiful graphics
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Gears of Babies21 votes. 4.69 / 5