Mod Among us for Minecraft

Game aliases:  ADVENTURE  3d strategy minecraft building 

Mod Among us for Minecraft description

Awesome Mod Among us for Minecraft! In the world of Minecraft, you will interact with this blocky world and build different blocks, build structures, cities everything.

To further explain, the game will start with 4 - 10 opponents and 2 imposters (no one will know who they are). Impostors will be hostile towards player and crewman. Crew players will have to defend the ship from the Impostors, and protect their lives, and the Impostorsmust destroy the entire crew of the ship.

Enjoy your survival with the cool mod.

Among Minecraft mod Feature :

  • Nice design and easy UI
  • Among Us craft
  • Among us free skins and maps
  • Regular updates and more...

A Plethora of Crewmates and Imposters was added into the game.

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Gamers can control the crafting menu using the mouse. The spacebar functions as the control you can use to split stacks within the game.

LMB - destroy block

RMB - build block

I - inventory

1-4 - choose block to build

P - pause

L - show/hide cursor

H - show/hide FAQ

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