Heads Mayhem

Game aliases:  SHOOTING  platform 2 player battle power up 

Heads Mayhem description

Heads Mayhem shooting game comes here! In this game, you have to compete with your opponent by shooting and throwing bomb at them to conquer the platform. Whoever is faster and more agile will win.

RHM Interactive made Heads Mayhem.


Player 1 Controls

Arrow keys to move

M to shoot

N to throw grenades

Player 2 Controls

WASD to move

H to shoot

G to throw grenades

Player 3 Controls

IJKL to move

P to shoot

O to throw grenades

Player 4 Controls

8546 (numpad) to move

0 (numpad) to shoot

1 (numpad) to throw grenades

Heads Mayhem25 votes. 4.2 / 5