Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020

Game aliases:  ACTION FNAF  3d dark escape survival 

Five Nights at Old Toy Factory 2020 description

Welcome to the Five Nights At Old Toy Factory 2020.

Your job consists of you working the Night Shift (from 12AM to 6AM) at the old toy factory. Stay alert and don't let the strange stuff get you.

You are given instructions on how to survive by a quite bored narrator, who seems very uninterested in your safety, but hey! that's great, right? Who cares about safety?

Eplore the factory and stay alive...


* Four scary LIVE toys

* Four weapons: Three melee and one ranged

- bottle

- leadpipe

- hammer

- glock 17

* Classic looking game from Posion Games

* Easy controls

Five Nights At Old Toy Factory 2020 was made by Poison Games.

Platform: Web browser

NOTE: Game entirely in English.


The controls might seem complicated. However, they are straightforward to understand.

WASD keys or arrow keys to walk

Mouse to look around

Left mouse button to attack

Right mouse button to block attacks

F to interact with objects

Left Shift to run

Left Ctrl to crouch

Space bar to jump

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