Ev.io description

Ev.io is an online multiplayer shooter that you can easily enjoy. There’s only one map that players can play. In each round, you will form into a team with other players.

Do you have what it takes to grab the battle-play crown? Get ready for some thrilling adventure!

The game also has a pretty complex ability system, which is mostly centered around movement and grenades.

Grenades: You can choose 2 of any 3 grenades: smoke grenades, standard grenades and flash grenades.

Movement: Spend 3 points in any 3: teleportation, jumping and sprint. You can spend 1 point in sprint for example, and 2 in teleport. If you spend all 3 in jumping, you can jump 3 times.

Jumping does not use stamina but other things, such as teleportation and sprinting do. The movement mechanics in Ev.io are diverse.


WASD to move

Space bar to jump

Shift to run

Q to use abilities

G to throw grenades

1234 to switch weapons

Left mouse button to shoot

Right mouse button to aim

M to open the menu

Ev.io98 votes. 4.24 / 5