Amanda the Adventurer

Game aliases:  ADVENTURE  3d cartoon dark horror retro 

Amanda the Adventurer description

Amanda the Adventurer is an indie horror game developed by DreadXP. This educational cartoon game follows the adventures of a young girl named Amanda and her friend Willy.

Prepare yourself to confront the terrifying title that lurks beneath its retro 3D graphics and embark on a journey into a realm filled with enigmatic wonders. Upon initial observation, Amanda the Adventurer appears to be a straightforward game with readily comprehensible gameplay. However, the game becomes increasingly complex as players are required to solve puzzles and complete mini-games in order to uncover the underlying plot. The game successfully captures the aesthetic of early consoles with its retro design featuring low-polygon 3D graphics and solid colors. This nostalgic appeal attracts players who have a fondness for this genre.

The Five Endings of AmandaThe Adventurer

In this indie game, players have the opportunity to unlock a total of five different endings. A sticker is displayed on the TV for each ending achieved. If players do not see five stickers on the TV, it means they have not collected all possible endings. There are five different endings:

  • A Gruesome End
  • A Fateful End
  • A Hollow End
  • The End
  • The End?

How to Play

Your task is to carefully watch all the cassettes and accurately answer all the questions posed to you. Make sure to watch everything attentively!

Game Control:

  • Action: Mouse.
  • Pause. Escape.

Supports mobile control.

Amanda the Adventurer14 votes. 3.43 / 5