Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers description

Shell Shockers offers a new style of gameplay and features eggs armed with guns. Your task is to take down all available players from all over the world to be the last standing person to win. Enjoy! This game doesn’t require installation.

Tips and tricks

  • Play tactically
  • Act quickly
  • Collect egg ammunition
  • Think like an egg


  • Fast-paced FPS gameplay
  • A unique theme centered around eggs
  • Various weapons and game modes
  • Egg customization and a shop for more items


Shell Shockers is developed by Blue Wizard Digital (formerly known as the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus). They have also developed other games such as Slayaway Camp and Space Tyrant.


Gamepad is now supported!

WASD to move

Left click to shoot

E to change weapon

Q to throw a grenade

R to reload

Space bar to jump

Shift bar to zoom and aim

Shell Shockers287 votes. 4.59 / 5