Roblox Doors

Game aliases:  ACTION  dark escape horror monster survival scary 

Roblox Doors description

Roblox Doors, developed by LSPLASH, is a new horror game on Roblox. In this game, you will find yourself rushing through several rooms while trying to find a way out of a house. This place is filled with creepy monsters that you must stay away from. Try to solve riddles while being pursued by horrors beyond your comprehension.

All Monsters in Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors has quite a few creepy monsters to escape from, and if you want to escape the hotel, you'll have to know exactly what to do. Below is a list of every Roblox Doors monster and what you should do when you encounter it.

Rush – Find a cupboard or vent and hide when the lights begin to flicker

Ambush – Repeatedly hide up to six times until it disappears

Hide – You will be kicked out by Hide if you hide for too long. Avoid hiding repeatedly

Halt – It is possible there is a Halt in the next room when lights flicker without a Rush or Ambush appearing. Follow the onscreen prompts as you run down the hallway of the next room

Eyes – Keep moving around Eyes if they appear, but avoid looking directly at it

Screech – In a dark room, if you hear a quiet "pssst", you have entered the territory of Screech. Scare Screech away by turning around and looking at it

Jack – Despite its lack of damage, Jack could scare the life out of you

Timothy - another rare enemy. Timothy appears very rarely in drawers and does little damage

Glitch – Players who stray too far from the group are punished by Glitch; this freaky foe only appears in multiplayer. You'll be fine if you stick together

Seek – There are two times during the game where Seek will appear (between rooms 30-45 and 80-95), rising out of the ground to begin a cutscene. Following blue sparkles and crouching under obstacles as you run down the hallway.

Figure – The Figure is guaranteed to appear in rooms 50 and 100, and it will chase players and have incredible hearing. Follow the prompts to complete the QTE while hiding in a cupboard. During the game, two sides of a heart will move toward the centre of the screen, and you will have to hit the right or left side using the Q and E keys. Good luck!

How many doors are in Roblox Doors?

Roblox Doors has 100 doors filled with monsters. You will always meet Seek and Figure twice on your journey to 100. The other monsters appear randomly, but you will see plenty of them over time. There are currently 100 doors to open, but there is a teaser indicating that there will be more to come. Due to the game's popularity, we expect that the developer LSPLASH will add more doors in the future. Enjoy!

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